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This website is a one - stop site for UNIMG artists, as well as other Indie artists who utilize our services.
UNI Music Group, LLC, is an independent record label. We are unique in that we also assist other rising Indie talent of various areas and levels of entertainment with marketing, promotion, and distribution.. We highlight and showcase UNIMG and other rising Indie r&b/pop singers, hip hop artists, DJ's, comics, models, etc.
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Our Journey                                                                        Celia Judd
 UNI Music Group LLC~ CEO

UNI Music Group, LLC                                           

began as a mother/daughter (why it is pronounced 'You 'n I') company. The daughter's talents were quickly gaining popularity with the masses, so it was deemed necessary to form UNIMG to protect her interests. UNIMG has grown in a relatively short time to include more team members, but still is, at its core, family - owned  with family values.
Celia has won 'Manager Of The Year' at Southern Muscle Music Awards
UNIMG has been nominated twice for 'Indie Label of the Year' (Diamond Awards and Southern Coalition  Music  Awards). 

For any inquiries CONTACT:  UNIMusicGroupLLC@gmail.com
 To book any UNIMG artist, producer, DJ, etc., CONTACT:  booking.UNIMG@gmail.com